split 10"lp w / DE BLENDERS

by Sedem Minút Strachu

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released by ¡Zas! Autoproduzioni (Italy), Punti Scena records (Italy), Grindfather productions (UK), No Bread! records (Russia), Bringer of Gore (Belgium), K.A.Z. re-chords (Slovakia), Vleesklak records (Belgium)

Ltd. to 500 copies


released May 23, 2017

Recorded & mixed on Jan. 10th 2017 at SPK studio by Miro Spevák. Mastered by Brame the day after.




Sedem Minút Strachu Slovakia

After short talk at Exhumed gig on March 8th, 2012 this onion terrorist commando was born. From the very begenning complete agenda of our band was clear and definite - to rip off and recycle noises of two of the best bands ever: Seven Minutes Of Nausea and Fear Of God. But honestly, we hadn't that much to talk about since only the drummer was able to really play. And nothing has changed yet. ... more

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Track Name: SEDEM MINÚT STRACHU - 21 tracks
- no appetizer, let's fuck!
- very unrelapsiche grindcore song
- kokot veľký tebe do huby (huge dick to your mouth)
- we are crust, you suck!
- ein zwei drei mamma
- disneyland private redtube party pt.I and II.
- bolí ma veľmi duša, chcem zomrieť (speak slovak or fuck off!!)
- intravenous capsaicin cure relaxation melody
- last toilet before doomsday
- than fuck off!!
- I say: "brreeaauuhrrgggass"
- tribute to Viliam Polónyi aka killed by cork stopper
- breathfuck
- dis is getting athletic
- striptease is retarded
- upbeat downfuck mental shock
- we go drum solo (... and your drummer can fuck off)
- triggered grindcore is LOL
- up in farts!
- united in drunk power
- I dream about Nessa Devil ... *music by beer, lyrics by Rado