split tape w / PARANOIA

by Sedem Minút Strachu

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released by SSGC (Slovakia)

Ltd. to 40 copies


released November 25, 2016

recorded on Oct. 16th, 2014 by ourselves at our rehearsal room




Sedem Minút Strachu Slovakia

After short talk at Exhumed gig on March 8th, 2012 this onion terrorist commando was born. From the very begenning complete agenda of our band was clear and definite - to rip off and recycle noises of two of the best bands ever: Seven Minutes Of Nausea and Fear Of God. But honestly, we hadn't that much to talk about since only the drummer was able to really play. And nothing has changed yet. ... more

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Track Name: SEDEM MINÚT STRACHU - "IQ 42 training camp" sesion
- binuclear syrup intro
- mhogogo aaye aaye eergh
- some stupid shit with bad words, 18+
- brlbrl uaaah nayhaaaa gah
- toilet wardance (short version)
- few mistakes
- fundelquacker brech, hmm ...
- yoaah quaar dhar aaargh jehooow!!
- mistakes
- random shit
- ghulu, ghulu o'htak (experimental mix)
- untitled
- hudrygore parokec chňap-ho!
- how long more we need to play for this split?